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Mediumship is typically defined as the practice of translating information from non-physical Beings to physical Beings. But a medium can also be a translator for physical Beings such as animals and plants. Mediumship can be more broadly defined as the practice of dropping into a trance and merging with another sentient Being to translate messages.

A medium that talks to plants is typically someone that practices herbal healing or sacred gardening. They are able to merge their awareness with a plant to gain an understanding of what kind of tending the plant needs in order to flourish. They can also psychically investigate the plants healing properties for humans and animals. They are also able to communicate with very ancient trees to gain an understanding of our natural history.

An animal medium is often called an animal communicator. Animal mediums can often help modify an animal's behavior by communicating what is causing the animal anxiety. These mediums have also been known to help diagnose illnesses in animals by understanding the animal’s physical discomforts.

A person that talks to dead people is the most common conceptualization of a medium in our western society, These are the mediums that tv shows are usually made about. They have been studied by many scientific organizations such as:

A person that channels information from angels, deities or other higher forms of intelligence are another kind of medium. This is the most documented form of mediumship. It has been written about for thousands of years. Many of the most cherished Buddhist and Hindu texts are said to be “transmitted” by deities. There are stories of ancient world leaders that have been known to consult this type of medium in making decisions about war or marriage.

There are many different styles of mediumship skills. Some people hear voices, some people see spirits, some people receive “downloads” of non-verbal information that they are able to translate into useful information.

A mediumship class with Lorelei will help you understand your particular form of non-ordinary communication skills. She will teach you how to connect with higher forms of compassionate Beings and help you answer questions that you didn’t know you could answer.

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