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My practice

I'm a mystic, a healer, a teacher and a seer. I work within the realms of non-ordinary reality and make changes that are felt in ordinary reality. I do this by following the threads of light that bind you to your fate or by working with spirits that might be affecting your choices in life. 


From my perspective, every sentient being is connected through a web of intention, action and desire. These connections create your destiny. Sometimes a person's fate becomes twisted because of curses, overshadowing spirits, or conflicting desires. I can see your knots of destiny and help untangle your path..

I believe that what you do to make money does not have to define how you see the world or how the world sees you. The path you tread can be filled with magic and mystery if you create the space for it.

I am passionate about helping people establish a daily practice that allows them to realize a mystical life. I want to help you see your magical power every sleeping and waking moment

I have been meditating daily for almost 40 years, I've been a healer for 15 years and a trance medium for about 10 years. Betsy Bergstrom is my mentor for mediumship and John Walker Davis is my mentor for energy healing.

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