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I'm a mystic, a healer, a teacher and a seer. I work within the realms of non-ordinary reality and make changes that are felt in ordinary reality.

From my perspective, every sentient being is connected through a web of thoughts, intentions, actions, and desires. These connections create your destiny. This web of connection appears to me as actual lines of lights that I can follow as far back as distant lifetimes. Sometimes a person's destiny becomes twisted or even knotted up. These twists and knots can occur because of many different things such as curses, overshadowing spirits, or conflicting desires. When I drop into a trance I can follow these lines of light with my inner eye and untangle energetic knots that are blocking you from your true desires.

I have been working as an energy healer for almost 20 years. When I work with a client as an energy healer, I drop into a deep trance so that I can connect with the thoughts and emotions that are swirling around a persons energy field. When a thought is fueled with emotion the thought can take on a psychic form that has a profound influence on a person. I call these “thought forms”. Thought forms can appear to me as stories, images, words, or emotions. By using the techniques that I’ve developed in my personal meditation practice, I can dissolve the thought forms of people that I’m psychically connected to. This leaves a person feeling really free to be who they want to be.

During my long spiritual journey I have developed the gift of mediumship which I sometimes use to connect to loved ones who have crossed over. I also use my mediumship gift  for channelling information from wise and compassionate spirits who have surprising and useful messages for people.

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For over 40 years I have had a daily practice of meditation, mediumship, shamanic journeying, and healing. I have taken many courses, studied with many amazing teachers, read many books and have practiced the mystical arts almost every day since I was 17 years old.

m currently working at many fairs in Washington, Oregon, and Nebraska. At these fairs you can find me selling Rune Readings, Nordic Prayer Beads, and other fun mystical merchandise.

Betsy Bergstrom has been my primary mentor for mediumship and John Walker Davis has been my primary mentor for energy healing. I am in deep gratitude for their support and wisdom.

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