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I am a Mystic.

A private session with me will take you to the deepest and most mysterious aspects of yourself.. I drop into a deep trance and enter the realms of non-ordinary reality to gather information and sometimes make changes. You can find out more by reading  in the sections below.



Sometimes we unconsciously leave pieces of ourselves scattered about the world. People, places and things can create an inexplicable pull on our energy  and leave us feeling not all "here". If this scattered feeling has been with you for a long time, you might need help calling yourself back to yourself. A Soul Retrieval session can greatly benefit a person who has travelled a lot, experienced trauma, is recovering from substance abuse, or is just feeling incredibly our of sorts.


Sometimes a relationship can really shake things up, and not in a good way. No matter what you do, that unpleasant person just keeps popping into your mind and into your life. The mystical connections between two people are profound. Using the mystical arts of unwinding and unbinding, those energetic lines of connection can be greatly diminished and sometimes even completely dissolved. It is your right to be sovereign  and to be connected only with those you love, If you need help letting go so that you can feel free again, I can help.



It is not uncommon for a person to be influenced by unseen spirits. Sometimes these spirits are trying to be helpful, and sometimes they are trying to interfere in your life choices. Being overshadowed by someone unseen can create odd challenges for a person. If you feel at odds with yourself, or often feel foggy, lethargic, and/or find yourself making odd decisions, you may be overshadowed by someone unseen. Living in mental and spiritual sovereignty is critical to a sense of well being.


A string of bad luck that lasts for years, and sometimes even through generations, can often be traced back to a curse. This curse can be a self curse, a lineage curse, or an unintentional curse from a loved one. I look through the threads of light that are knotted up by these curses and unravel them so that you no longer have these unrelenting patterns of "bad luck".

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Longterm patterns of holding tension in the body can create blocks in the flow of a persons energy. These blocked flows of energy can then create physical discomfort and even disease. By using  my skills in psychic awareness, and my training in Reichian Therapy, I am able to help your body's energy flow more naturally so that you feel more relaxed and sometimes even relieve longtime pain.

Classes and events descriptions

I offer classes in:


-Shamanic Journeying

-Spirit Release

-Unravelling Curses

-empowerment meditation

-Seidr (Nordic Shamanism)


I offer events:

-mediumship circles

-Weddings and funerals

-Seidr High Seat ceremony

-Solstice and equinox gatherings

-Space clearing/blessing

I offer readings:

-Runic name reading

-Runic destiny reading

-Spirit talk

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Upcoming Events


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